Uncover Toxic Employee Traits with These Questions

The saying goes that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. It doesn’t take long for toxic behaviors to infect your entire office ecosystem, but how do you know if a potential employee is toxic before you hire them? Everyone is on their best behavior in an interview, but there are some questions you can ask to uncover traits in your candidates before you make a hiring decision. Here are three interview questions that can help you identify a bad attitude and avoid an unfavorable hiring decision.   

What Did You Love Most About Your Last Job?   

If you want to find out if someone is truly toxic, find out what they love. A negative person unable to find the bright side in any situation won’t be able to answer this question. From someone with a toxic personality, they would rather tell you about all the reasons they left their last position and be unable to come up with something they liked. You’ll also be able to determine pretty quickly if their answer is sincere or just something you wanted to hear.   

Tell Me About a Time You Faced a Crisis

Not every day on the job is a cakewalk. But how someone handles a major crisis will say a lot about their personality. If they’re a naturally positive person, they’ll talk about how they took a leadership role and worked their way back out of the crisis. Someone with a more toxic personality will focus on the negative situation rather than describing how they could still come out on top.   

What Skill Do You Need to Improve?   

There is no one out there who can honestly say there’s nothing they need to improve. Learning new things is always a benefit to every one of us, whether improving a skill we have or taking on a new task. A positive person will hone in on what they can improve and how they can achieve that. A toxic personality is far more likely to think they’re perfect already and will have no need to improve their current skills.   

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