Motivating Under-Performing Warehouse Employees

It can be easy for employees to start slacking off in the warehouse. Sometimes this is because of the post-holiday blahs or just a general lack of motivation. But under-performing warehouse employees can negatively impact productivity throughout your entire company. Part of your role as a warehouse manager is to increase the engagement of your team. Leadership is a skill that needs to be continuously honed, so here are a few tips that can help you turn underperforming warehouse employees into more productive team players.   

Lead by Example  

Motivation comes from the top down. If you’re not demonstrating a will or desire to be productive, it will be difficult for you to convince your team they should feel motivated on the job. Lead by example to showcase that you’re willing to put in the hard work as well. Show up, do good work, and trust your team.   

Provide a Positive Atmosphere   

Negativity is contagious. But so is positivity. Make sure that your warehouse environment maintains a positive atmosphere by promoting a grateful outlook. Simply saying “Thank You” to your team members daily can increase satisfaction on the job. And you’ll see the gratitude spread like wildfire.   

Offer Advancement Opportunities  

Some warehouse workers begin to feel dissatisfied when they don’t believe they have any upward mobility with the organization. Don’t let your employees become stagnant and want to look for opportunities elsewhere. Create a path to advancement within your warehouse.   

Reward and Recognize Employees  

While we want to encourage you to simply express your gratitude more often, sometimes employees still need something a little extra. Rewarding your employees for going above and beyond and doing a fantastic job is hugely motivating. Recognize them within the warehouse and provide incentives and rewards that excite them.   

Increase Pay Rate or Performance Bonuses  

Pay rates have also become a little stunted over the last few years. With increased access to unemployment and concerns over health and safety, employees need to be incentivized to stay. Research pay rates for your industry and area, plan increases and consider performance bonuses or hazard pay.   

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