How Technology Makes Hiring Easier in 2021

When the world had to take a step back in the spring of 2020, many companies embraced the world of remote work. In many cases, this also means embracing remote hiring. Meador Staffing began using remote interviewing and onboarding technology early in the year, and now we understand how these tools can enhance the entire hiring process moving forward. Here are a few things we learned along the way.   

Remote Interviewing  

As more companies are planning for increased health and safety of their current team and candidates, remote interviewing is becoming very popular. This is especially true for fully remote workplaces but also useful even in hybrid or in-house environments. Remote interviewing gives you a chance to see how someone communicates through live video, which is increasingly more important in today’s climate.   


Onboarding can also be handled remotely. You can start by using e-signature options for employees to sign documents such as the W4 or the Form I-9 before starting. Having these things completed ahead of time will give you more time to provide your new team member orientation. Remote onboarding should include a welcome meeting and regular check-ins.   

Nurture Relationships   

You can’t be a hands-off manager even if your new employee isn’t on-site. You still need to nurture top talent and may have to plan additional remote activities to nurture relationships. Regular team meetings are a good start as long as they’re short and directed. You can also utilize collaborative tools such as Asana, Trello, or Slack to keep in touch daily.   

Enhance Communication   

While emails and texts have long been a staple of a professional work environment, they are even more important for remote employees. Email, along with video conferencing on platforms such as Zoom, and collaborative tools like Trello can enhance the communication to make sure you stay in touch with your new employee regularly.   

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