Can You Make a Resume on Your Phone?

2020 showed us that the world could change in an instant. As more companies began working remotely, their hiring process also transitioned to online-only. For job seekers, that means more online applications, typically with better mobile interfaces. If your only job-hunting tool is your phone, can you still create a formal resume that will draw hiring managers’ attention? It is possible. Here are some resources to get you started.   

Mobile Resume Formatting  

It may be surprising for you to learn that some recruiters review resumes right on their phone or tablet. This is becoming more normal as employees have transitioned from in-office work to work-from-home. So you want to make sure your resume is just as optimized for mobile as the application process. But it’s easier to do than you think.   

For your mobile resume, there are two essential things to keep in mind:   

  • Make sure text is two or three lines max  
  • Don’t use tiny fonts  

Microsoft Word Mobile  

You can download MS Word on your mobile device that will allow you to save a previously made resume or create a document right on your phone. You can use it to review or edit documents even when you’re on the go. Word also includes templates that can help you design your resume right from your phone.   

Android Apps   

If you are using an Android smartphone, there are a few additional options that may work for you. They include:   

  • Pocket Resume  
  • Resume Builder
  • ZipRecruiter  
  • Indeed  

Since ZipRecruiter and Indeed are online job boards, you can create your online resume directly through the app to submit to new positions.  

iOS Apps  

If you have an iPhone or iPad, Apple also has some resume tools in their app store.   

  • Resume Genius  
  • Resume Designer 3  
  • Winning Resume  
  • Quick resume   

Learn more about Android Apps and iOS Apps here.   

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