5 Effective Exit Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

What’s your company’s policy when someone puts in their two-week notice? Do you conduct exit interviews? An exit interview is an important step to help you better understand employee satisfaction and make positive changes in your workplace culture and environment. The reason for leaving is different for everyone, so it’s important to ask directly and take action when necessary. Here are five practical exit interview questions you should be asking.   

Why Did You Start Looking for Another Job?   

This will help you see if the transition or decision to leave the company began a while before they put in their notice. Knowing this information will allow you to determine if there was long-term dissatisfaction that wasn’t being addressed and plan to address it in the future.   

What One Thing Would You Change About the Company?   

Your outgoing employee likely has some opinions about why the company wasn’t right for them. Their feedback in this manner can provide you important details and ideas about what you can do to make it better in the future for your current employees and anyone who comes onboard.   

How Did You Feel About Feedback You Received on the Job?   

They say that most people quit managers, not jobs. You want to find out how this employee felt when discussing their work with their management or team leaders. You can also gauge if the employee received feedback at all or how they handled it when they did.   

What Would Make Our Workplace Better?   

Even just the nugget of an idea gives you a place to start. If your employee has some thoughts about how the workplace could be better, that can give you a direction and let you know that others in your company may be feeling similarly.   

Would You Consider Coming Back in the Future?   

This simple question will help you understand why your employee is leaving if there is a reason beyond the workplace. If they would come back without any hesitation, that informs you that you’re on the right track. If they would consider it after certain changes are made, that also gives you a place to start.   

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