Building a Leakproof Candidate Pipeline

A healthy candidate pipeline can be one of the most important things to ensure success in your business. You have to know that you’re always able to access and hire top talent when needed, and the need can happen at any time. Ensuring your pipeline is leakproof is a big part of the hiring process. Even when hiring is slow, you need to continuously nurture your candidate pipeline to be ready for the future. Here are a few things you can do to maintain your pipeline.   

Discuss Goals and Strategies with Management  

This is a great time of year to work on your long-term hiring strategy and goals for each department. Take time now to talk to your management team about what they envision for the rest of the year. Use that to formulate goals that can translate into hiring. Then, discuss the strategies, such as long-term hiring or short-term help.   

Focus on Your Employer Brand  

Your employer brand is very different from your consumer brand. While it may have a lot of the same elements, it’s also about creating a positive applicant experience. Ask your current employees to be brand ambassadors by talking about their experience working with your company. It would help if you also established an easy to navigate application process.   

Create a Communication Plan  

Most applicants will agree that the biggest problem with searching for a job is a lack of communication. Candidates feel like they don’t get enough feedback about where they are in the process. Even auto responders for steps of the process can help a candidate feel more engaged. You also want to let someone know when they’re not the candidate for the job so they don’t speak poorly about their experience, which can easily influence other job seekers.   

Ensure Employee Satisfaction   

Finally, your quest for a good hiring process doesn’t end on someone’s first day. Your employees’ satisfaction will be the key factor in ensuring that new applicants have a good experience with your company. Continuously revisit engagement and enrichment on your team and check in regularly to make sure people are happy.   

Build a Leakproof Candidate Pipeline 

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