Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workforce

Throughout 2020, diversity and inclusion became a big topic for employers. And as progress was being made in the workplace in the years prior, inclusivity was spotlighted. It led to companies rethinking their approach to diversity and brought forth some innovative strategies to provide more employment equity. Here are a few ideas from the team at Meador Staffing that you can implement in your company to support workforce diversity.

Develop Advanced Diversity Policies

Equity in the workplace goes well beyond preventing discrimination. By focusing on positive diversity initiatives, you can ensure that new members of your team are included and have a voice. Diversity and inclusion should be a core part of your company values and expressed in your mission statement to ensure that all people feel welcome.

Diverse Management Culture

If your company executives and upper management positions are not diverse, it won’t be easy to communicate your commitment to diversity to employees. Employees will believe that there’s a limit to what they’re able to achieve in your organization. Your management structure should reflect the diversity and representation of your entire workforce.

Remove Barriers to Diversity

Diversity initiatives start at the hiring process. Recruiting and hiring managers should be trained to understand how inequity can be fueled by unconscious bias. Some cultural barriers and norms can affect how a candidate can present themselves within an interview environment when compared against other groups.

Account for Changing Employee Needs

Is your workplace inviting and welcoming to diverse groups of people? There are aspects of your corporate culture that can be improved to ensure that everyone has a positive and fair experience. For example, can you consider childcare in your benefits packages? How do you handle personal time off and holidays? What are today’s employees looking for from employers, and how can providing that improve your retention and your overall reputation and success?

Provide Diversity Training

Far too many organizations have presented diversity training as a punishment for behavior. However, when training is provided in this manner, employees won’t engage and won’t come out with an increased understanding of the importance of diversity. Your company culture is dependent on the success of your diverse workforce, so providing training so everyone can understand and respect differences while finding common ground will be critical.

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