How to Hire a Team Player in Your Warehouse

Teamwork is essential for success, especially in today’s environment where many companies are working remotely when possible. But how can you know if a candidate is truly a team player in just an interview? Your candidate is made up of more than just job history and skills, and there is a lot of nuance in their background if you know how to look in the right places. Here are a few tips from the Meador Staffing team that can help you hire your team’s best candidate.

Ask Behavioral Questions

Since you won’t be able to see how they work with others in the interview setting, you can ask questions that help them describe their experience. Behavioral interview questions are designed to make the candidate think on their feet and weave stories that give you a better perspective of what they bring to the table. For teamwork, ask them questions such as “Tell me about a time you worked with a team for a project,” or “tell me how you work with coworkers you might not get along with.”

Check Their References

Don’t skip the step of checking candidate references. Insight from their former employer, supervisor, or even coworkers can give you what you need to determine if they’re a good fit for your team. Ask the candidates for names and contact information of former employers so you can call or email to find out more about their experience.

Include Others in the Interview

Before you make a hiring decision, consider having others in your workplace meet with the candidate. You can get a feeling for how other department members feel they could get along with the persona and if they feel compatible as team players. This gives everyone a chance to see each other and talk about important issues before they are given an offer.

Try Temp-to-Hire

If you’re still not convinced, there is one more option available to you. Consider working with your candidate on a temporary to hire basis. This means they will work with a staffing service for a probationary period. In that time, you both get to know one another, and you can see how they work and integrate with your current team before deciding to hire them into your organization.

Partner With a Leader in Warehouse Staffing

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