Beyond the Resume: Choosing the Right Candidate for Your General Labor Jobs

General labor roles are often the most essential roles in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. General labor encompasses a lot of possible positions, and you already know which skills you’re looking for in a new industrial employee. But what other traits will be important for their success? If you look beyond the resume, there are more ways to choose the right candidates for your general labor jobs. Meador Staffing has a few things to keep in mind when choosing your next general labor candidate.


While you certainly have supervision in your warehouse, you will want to hire individuals who can work independently. You don’t want to have to micromanage employees, you want someone who will take the initiative and determine the next logical step in any part of their job.

Decision Maker

Similarly, you want someone capable of making decisions without needing too much direction. That’s not to say they don’t need training or occasional guidance, but you are still looking for people who can make decisions and be able to explain why they chose their course of action. They need to be reliable and responsible in their critical thinking.


Even with looking for candidates who take initiative and make decisions, you still want them to be communicative. Encourage a workplace where your team feels comfortable letting you know what they’re doing and asking questions when they need to. Hire people who are comfortable with this.


Not every decision turns out to be perfect. And if your employee makes a mistake, you want them to own up to their actions. When interviewing, as them questions about how they handled mistakes in their previous positions. You can see if they try to throw other people under the bus or if they take responsibility.


Aptitude for technology is a soft skill but particular tech experience may be a hard skill. Don’t rule out someone just because they haven’t had very specific exposure to the software you use. Look at their ability to adapt to technology and pick up new ideas so they can learn quickly once they’re on the job.

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