How far Back Should You Go on Your Resume?

Writing a resume can feel deceptively simple but it doesn’t take long to realize there’s a lot of nuances. Knowing what to include and what not to include is a science and an art. One of the biggest obstacles job seekers run into is how to keep the resume focused. Some experts say a resume should be one page and others suggest multiple pages is fine. But it is possible to have a resume that is simply too long or too short. Meador Staffing has this advice on how far back to go on your resume and what you can do to make it better.

Quality of Content

The length of your resume doesn’t matter if your content isn’t sending the right message. Keep descriptions short and informative but provide just enough detail for an employer to see how valuable you are. You don’t need to include every job, just those that are most relevant.

Know When to Make Cuts

Most recruiters and hiring managers will agree that a resume longer than two pages is too long. Your resume only needs to be long enough to convey the right information. Don’t make it longer just because you think it isn’t long enough. A good rule to follow is only to go back 10 years of relevant experience.

Consider Formatting

The format you choose will impact the length of your resume. Bullets are the most common way to list information. And you can decide if a reverse chronological resume or a functional resume that showcases your accomplishments better communicates your experience. Choose whatever format best tells your story.

Understand Your Audience

When you design your resume, you need to create it for the reader. Are you applying with a hiring manager or a recruiter? Will the HR department or an Applicant Tracking System see it first? Use language that even people outside of your industry will understand and keep your resume short and easy to read. You can also fall into the other trap and make it too short. If you haven’t had a lot of experience, consider elaborating on the skills you’ve excelled in previous jobs.

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