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What Meador Does Best and How It Can Help You: Warehouse Staffing in Houston

For over 52 years, Meador Staffing has been connected to the Houston community. We strive to be a full support staffing partner for warehouse and industrial companies across the area. If you’re considering your hiring strategy or starting to work with a staffing provider, we want to share the information we’ve learned over the years to help you target the right talent, hire the best people, and retain your industrial workforce.

What Are General Labor Positions

General labor positions encompass several opportunities in industrial workplaces. These positions are usually considered unskilled, unlike manufacturing or fabrication positions. However, we’ve also learned that general labor casts a wide net and covers many potential skill sets.

We will go into these roles in detail below, but in general, Meador provides staffing services for:

  • Warehouse Associates
  • Assembly
  • Forklift Operators
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Industrial Customer Service
  • Administrative Roles

As we explore these positions in detail, we also want to provide insight into our staffing process and data that demonstrates our expertise in this area.

Warehouse Associates

General warehouse roles encompass a lot of tasks. Duties may include receiving and processing stock and materials, conducting inventory, picking and packing, organizing or retrieving stock, and more. While they’re often considered unskilled or low-skilled jobs, we’ve learned over the years of industrial staffing that successful associates have a few traits in common. Attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and physical fortitude are all necessary to thrive in warehouse positions.


Assemblers are also in high demand throughout the Houston area. The primary responsibility of assembly workers is to put together various parts for products or other materials. They could assembly just one component of the product or the completed item, depending on the job and result. These are often high-volume positions, which is why working with general labor staffing can be beneficial for companies during peak production times.

Forklift Operators

There will always be a need for skilled and certified forklift operators in warehouses across Houston. Hiring forklift operators means assessing their skills, determining their certifications and aptitude, and ensuring that they adhere to all safety requirements. With a large database of skilled workers, many of whom have worked on multiple assignments and have proven their skill levels, partnering with a staffing agency gives your company an advantage in hiring the best.

Shipping and Receiving

Most warehouses and industrial companies rely on shipping and receiving, which relies on accuracy. Receiving is both a science, and an art, and associates responsible for it must have experience using computer systems, logging information into a database, and properly stocking the items. Shipping requires attention to detail and documentation to ensure items are being sent out correctly.


While similar to shipping and receiving on a lot of levels, logistics is another classification of industrial work. It’s a broad term to refer to the coordination and movement of resources in your company. Items may move between various locations before arriving at their destination, which means accurate record-keeping is essential. Hiring top talent is critical, so logistics staffing agencies in Houston offer the best access to qualified associates.

Warehouse Managers

Management and supervisors are also a key part of the success of any warehouse environment. Often, these roles are accepted by individuals who have extensive experience working their way up as industrial temps in warehouse environments. They are the associates who have demonstrated leadership potential on the job.

Industrial Customer Service

Customer service staffing covers a wide variety of industries, including warehouses and industrial environments. Partnering with a staffing provider who understands the environment and requirements will be critical for the success of your customer service associates.

Administrative Roles

Some roles within a warehouse aren’t general labor positions at all. Industrial environments also rely on individuals with more office-based skills. However, you will still need to hire people with experience in and a comfort level with warehouse roles and who understand the specific needs of the industry.

Our Partnership Process

If you’re looking for warehouse staffing in Houston, it’s important to understand the process. At Meador, we’ve worked for over 52 years to perfect and adapt our systems to industrial changes and have put together a formula that can be customized to work for you. We have a huge database collected over our years of business and our connections with the community. We can fill general labor positions within 2 to 3 days, and 82% of our jobs are filled in 1 day. The process works like this:

Discuss the Job

We start by sitting with you and your hiring manager to discuss the specifics of the job. This includes the general job description, the necessary experience, and the soft skills that will lead to success. We also want to understand your story, your vision, your plan for the future, and your company culture.

Plan the Next Steps

We also want to know your sense of urgency. Is this a short-term project that needs people immediately? Do you have someone in this role now and are looking for a replacement? We will discuss with you the targeted start date and begin to discuss some of our top candidates.

Open Communication

We understand that communication is the glue that holds the entire process together. Providing honest feedback about the candidates submitted will let us know what we’re getting right and how we can improve. During the candidate submission process, we will also discuss the onboarding process so our associates are successful from the start.

Candidate Contact

When you select the candidate, we will be involved every step of the way. We present the offer to the new associate and stay engaged with them as they work with you to provide support and ensure their onboarding process leads to retention.

It’s our job to make industrial staffing easier

Contact our experienced HR Specialists to simplify the hiring process, reduce costs, and screen for high-quality warehouse candidates in Houston now.

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