Should You Offer an Interview if They Lack Experience?

It’s no secret that recruiting today is a challenge. A lot of it is about timing and finding the right, qualified people at the right time. But are you passing up good candidates because they lack experience? You could be making a big mistake. They might lack the exact experience, but they may have other qualities that may make them a great fit. Let’s take a look at 5 personality traits that may make you want to reconsider before passing up their resume.


You can’t always train someone how to be enthusiastic. The right attitude can make all the difference, and you can easily train someone to do the work as long as they’re excited about the opportunity. If your candidate is enthusiastic about your company, industry, or the work they’ll be doing, you may want to consider taking a chance.


Someone can have all the skills in the world, but if they’re not reliable, they won’t be successful. Someone who is on time every day, pitches in whenever asked, and can always be counted on is worth their weight in gold. Bringing on a reliable candidate can give someone an edge.

Good Culture Fit

You also want to hire people who will be a good fit for your company’s culture. This can mean many things, including a person who will get along with your team or someone who will bring fresh ideas and a new mindset to the table. Always measure if you think someone will thrive in your environment.

Positive Attitude

They say one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. It’s true, but the opposite is also true. Someone with a positive attitude can be a motivating factor for the entire workplace. If someone has the right perspective and is a positive influence, you may want to consider them.


Whether someone comes to the table with skills or potential, you always want to hire someone with a commitment to the job and the work they’re doing. You can tell if someone will be a good fit based on their commitment levels in previous jobs regardless of their role.

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