More COVID-Friendly Team-Building Activities

In November, we shared some great ideas for COVID-friendly team-building activities. As employee safety is still a top priority, you may be looking for additional ideas to get your team working together and building camaraderie in your office. Whether you’re celebrating achievements or encouraging collaboration in virtual environments, Meador looks at a few more activities you can try today.

Virtual Team Game Night

Especially if your team is currently working from home, consider hosting a virtual game night. Choose a game that’s easy to play online such as trivia games or a Jeopardy-style game. You can use the draw function on Zoom to play Pictionary.

Friday Afternoon Discussions

A great way to get to know your team and even come up with some new ideas is to facilitate Friday afternoon discussions. These can generally be loose discussions, or you could seed the conversation with a basic topic. Set aside work for a little while to brainstorm and chat about the things going on in your lives.

Online Competitions

Create fun online competitions that your team can do from anywhere. For example, have a photo scavenger hunt where your employees email you a specific photo based on a category every day, and the best one wins. Choose a fun category to get your team thinking outside of the box.

A Remote Night Out

If you can’t host a real happy hour quite yet, consider a remote night out activity. Lots of museums, zoos, and other venues are allowing people to visit their spaces virtually. Organize a zoom where everyone can experience these collections and talk about them.

Show and Tell

Taking a page from remote elementary school activities, a virtual show and tell is a fun way to get to know your employees and coworkers. For your weekly video conference meeting, ask your team members to find one item in their house and show it to the group. You can come up with fun categories and only take a few minutes out of each meeting to have some fun.

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