Fun and Competitive Ways to Engage Your Manufacturing Employees on The Job

Are you familiar with gamification? This is the idea that you can make day-to-day tasks more fun by providing a reward system for motivation. You may have seen it used in apps on your phone to help you have more fun while doing regular daily activities. Not all gamification needs to be done in conjunction with technology. There are some low-tech ideas you can do for your team. Manufacturing companies can tap into this idea and gamify production to increase productivity. Here are some creative ideas to gamify your warehouse floor to encourage participation.

Create a Safety Raffle

To keep your employees invested in safety on your manufacturing floor, why not create a game to reinforce rules. When your employees are spotted doing something good or pass an inspection, they can add their name to a jar. At the end of each week, draw names and award prizes. The random nature of a raffle encourages everyone to participate to increase their chances of winning.

New Hire Scavenger Hunt

To help train new hires in the safety procedures, consider creating a scavenger hunt so they can learn where certain things are. For example, give them a form with a list of safety items around the workplace. Have them tour the workplace and write down where they’ve found these items. Reward the new employees with the most correct answers.

Interactive Training

Compliance training isn’t always fun, so make it more fun. Incorporate videos, quizzes, and other interactive things to help your employees have fun and retain the information. For example, you can create a Jeopardy-style game at the end of training to reinforce what’s been learned. Games help people learn and retain information.

Reward Progress

Throughout the training, the best way to reinforce positive behavior is by rewarding it. While you’ll need to have repercussions for errors that can cause significant safety problems, you should focus more on the ways to reward your team when they do something right.

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