Conflict Management: Resolving Grudges Between Employees

Not everyone who works together will like each other. But grudges between employees on your production line or the warehouse floor can really impact and diminish productivity. It can also be toxic to the rest of the team and increase turnover. Here are a few tactics you can use to resolve grudges between employees and have a more harmonious balance in your workplace.

Start from a Place of Positivity

Rather than focusing on how each party feels wronged, try to see where everyone is coming from in the situation. Most people aren’t deliberately doing something with the express purpose to annoy a coworker, so don’t focus on accusations. Consider the ways you can help employees improve rather than pointing fingers at who is doing something wrong.

Don’t Avoid Conflict

If you don’t like conflict, it can be challenging to begin the conversation. But the most important thing you can do is push through your anxiety and bring the issues into the light. It may be difficult, but the only way to resolve a problem is to talk about it openly and honestly.

Help Manage Perception

Sometimes, grudges start because your employees don’t take a moment to step back and think about what it’s like in the other person’s shoes. Empathy is a building block of good interpersonal relationships, so you can take this time to help your team see the problem from different perspectives. Give them a chance to understand each point of view.

Step in When Necessary

If your employees have tried to resolve their conflict on their own, but the grudge persists, it’s time to intervene. This is where swift, decisive problem solving is essential. You can’t allow yourself to get pulled into who is right or wrong. It’s time to solve the problem so everyone can move on.

Focus on Prevention

Of course, a workplace without grudges is the best way to prevent personality conflicts. Create a company culture that focuses on group goals, team development, and mutual respect. When everyone wants others in the workplace to do well, they are far less likely to go head to head over perceived wrongdoing.

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