5 More Exit Interview Questions to Ask Employees Who Leave

In February, we offered up five exit interview questions to help you get to the bottom of some of your employee turnover. This month, we want to share some additional questions that you can use in an exit interview to understand better why a person may leave your organization and make changes to prevent employee attrition in the future.

What Could We Have Done Differently?

Even if your employee doesn’t want to reconsider their resignation, you can learn a lot about how you can adjust in the future. Whatever they suggest that you could have done differently, consider the alternatives. Plan to make changes that will improve and keep your employees more engaged.

When Did You Start to Think About Quitting?

This will give you a perception of time. You will also see if your employee’s dissatisfaction grew slowly or was caused by a specific incident. If you know the cause, you may anticipate it or prevent similar situations in the future.

Did the Position Meet Your Expectations?

Sometimes, the reason an employee leaves is that they had different expectations about the job. This is especially true with employees who quit during their first 90 days on the job. It’s important to know if you’re communicating the position correctly so you can adjust for future new hires.

Did You Feel Training was Adequate?

Similarly, if an employee is leaving because they don’t feel like they understand the job well, you can make a significant course correction. Different people learn in different ways, and if you’re not providing onboarding that considers the way people learn, you may be missing out on great talent who leave your organization too soon.

Was There a Specific Incident that Led to Your Decision?

If a specific incident led to your employee resigning from the job, it’s critical that you understand what it is. It may have been something you could have improved, changed, or addressed had you known about it. And if your team isn’t telling you about situations, you need to change the culture of communication in your workplace.

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