How to Deal With a No Call/No Show on The Job

Is this your situation? You have an employee, or a few employees, who tend to disappear. They don’t call; they don’t come into work. And they show up again at their next shift like nothing ever happened. In some cases, this is a repeat offender. Their behavior doesn’t just affect their job; it can negatively impact every aspect of your business. It frustrates your reliable employees and creates problems for customer service or workplace coverage. So what can you do? Here are a few ways you can deal with a no-call/no-show employee.

Establish a Clear Attendance Policy

The most important step you can take in the fight against attendance policy abuses is to have a clear policy in writing. Your policy should be part of your onboarding for new employees, frequently reinforced, and easy to access online and in-writing for their review. This attendance policy should encompass situations such as sick days, tardiness, or excessive absences.

Include No Call/No Show

Your clear, written policy should also include what happens if an employee does not show up for their shift and does not call. You may want to have a policy of contacting the employee who didn’t show up to perform a wellness check to ensure that everything is okay. Your attendance policy should also cover what happens if no call/no show situations are repetitive.

Review with New Employees

Your attendance policy, in total, should be covered by all new employees as a part of their initial onboarding experience. They may get employee handbooks, but you can’t just assume your staff will read them. Training should include what to do in attendance situations, and you can reinforce the learning by having your employees sign an acknowledgment of receipt.

Enforce the Policy

Sometimes, where attendance policies break down is when the consequences are haphazardly enforced. If you let it slide for some employees, your reliable employees may become frustrated that someone who can’t follow the rules is given slack. You must reinforce the policy by following through on the stated consequences of frequent no-call/no-shows.

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