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We are the people, who know the people, you need to know.

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Since 1968, we’ve built strong relationships within our communities and with the businesses that support them. It’s through these connections that we introduce job seekers and clients to the people they need to know.

We are deliberate in our pursuit of excellence by providing quality service to applicants and employers relative to temporary staffing, contract staffing, direct hire placement, and recruiting.

We serve our communities as:

  • A one-source provider in staffing for a variety of position types
  • A trusted career advisors and partners to our clients and candidates
  • Supplying employees with extensive benefits and onboarding programs
  • Introducing those seeking employment with access to top career opportunities
  • Servants to our communities, industry associations, and local organizations

Meador Brady Personnel

Meador-Brady Personnel Services

Meador Staffing Services has stood by the mission of subscribing to the highest professional and ethical standards since the company was founded by Ben Meador and Gene Brady in 1968 as Meador-Brady Personnel Services.


Meador Staffing Employees

Meador Matters

We work diligently to identify and unite teams of talented and inspirational individuals within our organization to bring a synergy of helping job seekers and client organizations to reach their objectives. Through these teams, we focus on presenting a path to opportunity and success by applying biblical standards and values to support all of those that we serve.

We have always had a heart for the community and its people. Allowing and encouraging our employees to serve and support their local, state and national industry, civic, and charitable organizations helps build stronger communities.


Serving Our Communities Since 1968.

Meador Staffing turned fifty in 2018 and we continue to acknowledge that the success and honor of serving has been a gift from the community and its people who have been the inspiration to all its goals and achievements.


Our Mission

Meador Staffing Services subscribes to the highest ethical and professional standards by providing excellence and quality service to applicants and employers relative to temporary staffing, contract staffing, direct hire placement, and retained search. Our desire to impact the world through service has been a driving force in our corporate vision and dedication to our communities and their future. We’ve spent 50 years getting to know the people that you need to know and we will always work to help you reach your career goals and support the success of the teams around you.

We have stood by our mission since 1968, and it inspires our corporate vision. 


History of Meador Staffing Services

Our Vision

We will always work to distinguish ourselves and our network of employees and partners as a driving force of integrity, optimism, and inspiration to those who they can positively impact.

We believe in presenting a path to opportunity and success for all through applying biblical standards and values to support all those who Meador Staffing Services can serve.

We will focus on the future and health of the community as a whole; manifesting through innovation, growth, and expansion of the reach of the company.


Our Values

  • We believe that everything we do matters.
  • We will always be in pursuit of, and seek to achieve our goals.
  • We have a heart for the community and its people.
  • We will strive to always be positive and optimistic team players.
  • We understand the value of reputation.

We are the people, who know the people, that you need to know.

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