Meador Staffing and 91.1 FM Interview

  Friday, January 10 our own Linda Fields, VP of Executive Search had an interview with Kashay Mendes of 91.1 FM. Watch along and see how Linda and Kashay discussed the Houston job market, properly set up your resume and hiring tips and tricks!  … Read More »

How to Deliver Negative Feedback to Your Employees

As a manager, you’ve been told that feedback is an essential part of your job. You need to give your team feedback on the good and the bad day-to-day. Without your input, mistakes can happen if a behavior isn’t corrected promptly. But no one wants to hear negative feedback. So, can you also help prepare… Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Ruby Lovelace

  Company Role: Controller  (Ruby has been with Meador Staffing since 1994!) Favorite quote: I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. Philippians 4:13. (have this on a plaque in my office) Favorite place to shop? Amazon What do you like about working at Meador? I am glad to be working at a… Read More »

Owning up to Your Mistakes at Work

It can feel like the absolute end of the world. You’ve made a huge mistake at work. It’s not something you can sweep under the rug or quickly fix so no one noticed. This is gigantic. Now you feel like running away and changing your name so no one will ever know it was you.… Read More »

Choosing The Right Candidate, Beyond The Skills On Paper

Resumes can tell you a lot about a candidate, but they can’t tell you exactly how well someone can fit into your work culture. A personality fit is as important as the skills and experience a potential employee brings to the table. So, what can you do to determine that someone will be a good… Read More »

General Workplace Safety Tips For New Hires

The pressure is on. With deadlines and quotas approaching before the end of the year, along with personal holiday stress, you may be feeling a great weight on your shoulders. Even considering productivity and efficiency, the workplace must also focus on safety for all employees, including new hires. While much of the burden is on… Read More »

Salvation Army 2019

  This year we partnered with the Pasadena Rotary Club and Ken Phelps Insurance in our efforts to support the Salvation Army. We adopted 70 angels – 50 kids & 20 seniors. Also rang the bell for 2 days for 10 hours each day – that is 20 hours of volunteer time from Meador Staffing.… Read More »

Keeping Your Best Talent Motivated When A Raise Is Off The Table

Now more than ever, employee retention is a top priority for businesses. With unemployment low, it can be challenging to replace key players in your organization, so the better strategy is to keep your top performers engaged and happy. But what happens when you’re not in a position to give more money in the form… Read More »

51st Anniversary Open Letter from CEO, Ben Meador

  It is a truly amazing that it has been 51 years since we left a very comfortable and secure position with a major chemical company to start a personnel staffing company.  With few resources, a rotary dial telephone and a big chief notepad (you have heard that story too many times).  Some of our… Read More »

SHRM Winter 2019 Member Spotlight: Pam Bratton

  Take a look at this article from the Winter 2019 SHRM HRMagazine. Their member spotlight highlights our very own, Pam Bratton. Pam has been a member of the Meador family for over 20 years. We are so pleased to see her showcased in this seasons magazine!  … Read More »