Look for Talent, But Not at the Cost of Your Business

An influential book published in 2000 called The War for Talent set forth a bold theory. Businesses that emerged triumphant in the marketplace did so by being the best at finding, assessing, recruiting and keeping the most talented people out there. The idea caught on and for years, many organizations have expended a major amount… Read More »

Help Older Workers Close the Technology Gap

Employees don’t all master new technology at the same pace. In fact, managers may see a striking gap between the ability of younger, Millennial workers and their Baby Boomer counterparts when it comes to using ever-changing technology in the workplace. Rather than let the gap widen – inadvertently frustrating younger workers and making them impatient with their… Read More »

What To Do If You Don’t Have Job Experience

Most, if not all job listings include among their requirements “must have experience in industry.” For recent college grads or others just dipping their toe in the job market, this one phrase seemingly knocks them out of the running before they even start. But not so fast – there are ways around this. Look for volunteer… Read More »

Never Let Your List of References Get Out-of-Date

Does this scenario sound familiar? It’s been several months since you left your last position. You’ve been working hard to find the next great job opening and it’s starting to pay off. You apply for your dream position and get a call to meet the hiring manager. The interview goes smoothly, the potential employer expresses interest in you and… Read More »

Keep Your Employees Engaged All Summer

For many businesses, the summer months can be a slow time. Clients are on vacation (as are the CEO and others on the executive team), and employees have plenty of non-work activities  to contend with – from making sure kids get to summer camp to household chores that can’t put be off any longer. It’s… Read More »

Temp Worker – To Be Or Not to Be?

According to a recent Harris Interactive survey of more than 3,000 hiring managers and HR professionals, 36 percent of companies either already have or plan to hire temporary workers this year – up from 28 percent in 2009. Why the increase? For one reason, hiring temporary workers gives companies the option to gear up for… Read More »

Don’t Have a Business Blog? What Are You Waiting for?

Does your business have a blog that’s up and running? If not, you’re missing out on an effective and simple way to build relationships with your customers and with potential candidates for open positions in your business. You’re the expert A blog keeps your business in customers’ minds, even if they’re not presently looking for… Read More »

Leave Your Job Behind Without Burning Bridges

The time has come – or is coming soon – for you to leave your current job. You may be quitting because work conditions have become intolerable or you’re fortunate enough to have been offered a new and more attractive position. Whatever the case, it’s critically important to make your departure as professional as possible.… Read More »

Offer Candidates What Your Employees Already Have

As the job market slowly but steadily improves, seasoned job-seekers are becoming more selective about open positions and the companies looking to fill them. Every employer should have a clear understanding of what candidates are looking for – what truly motivates them to move beyond reading the job post to clicking “Apply now.” One effective strategy… Read More »

Avoid These Common Interview Blunders

Job interviews are your opportunity to make a good impression. All too often, however, job candidates make some common mistakes that either generate a negative impression or at least fail to convey their best qualities. Here are ways to avoid the most common interview “traps.” You’re not there to be interrogated Employers don’t invite you… Read More »