Your Social Media Presence Can Attract The Ideal Candidate

As social media continues its path toward world domination, it’s becoming a leading recruitment tool for forward-thinking companies. How do candidates leverage social media sites in their job-seeking efforts?  How can you make your business more appealing to them? Let’s start with the basics: Create an employer page on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. (There are many… Read More »

5 Steps to Keep Your Job Hunt Moving Forward

Even in a job market that’s notoriously difficult to crack, experts say many candidates sabotage their search by making common job-hunting mistakes.  Are you guilty of any of these? Passive, not active. It’s not enough to submit your resumes to a handful of online job postings and wait for a response. Sitting at home and… Read More »

Be on the Lookout for Anti-Social Job Candidates

Just about all recruiters can remember one time or another when they moved ahead with a job candidate even though something didn’t feel “quite right.” Sometimes the result was simply a poor fit for the company and the new hire was eventually terminated or simply left. In the worst cases, a bad or anti-social hire… Read More »

Job Postings – What They Say and What They Mean

Any experienced job-seeker knows them when she sees them: the common phrases and buzzwords found in virtually all job postings and descriptions. Not surprisingly, there’s a gap between what the job description says and what it really means. The language may look like English, but in reality it’s a strange brew of jargon and catch-phrases that may… Read More »

Time and Dollars Saved Using a Staffing Agency

Among the many benefits a staffing agency can bring to your candidate search is a significant savings in both time and money. This hiring option frees you to focus on what’s truly important—the successful operation of your business and a focus on the strategy needed to make it grow. Start with time saved. As any HR… Read More »