How to Deliver Negative Feedback to Your Employees

As a manager, you’ve been told that feedback is an essential part of your job. You need to give your team feedback on the good and the bad day-to-day. Without your input, mistakes can happen if a behavior isn’t corrected promptly. But no one wants to hear negative feedback. So, can you also help prepare… Read More »

Choosing The Right Candidate, Beyond The Skills On Paper

Resumes can tell you a lot about a candidate, but they can’t tell you exactly how well someone can fit into your work culture. A personality fit is as important as the skills and experience a potential employee brings to the table. So, what can you do to determine that someone will be a good… Read More »

Keeping Your Best Talent Motivated When A Raise Is Off The Table

Now more than ever, employee retention is a top priority for businesses. With unemployment low, it can be challenging to replace key players in your organization, so the better strategy is to keep your top performers engaged and happy. But what happens when you’re not in a position to give more money in the form… Read More »

Arms Dealer Company – Case Study

Pearland office initially met with a local arms dealer client to discuss additional workforce for the Labor Day holiday in August. We presented the client with a retention strategy in which we would increase the temp’s base pay after their training day. Incentivize our temps to return to their assignment during the height of the… Read More »

Direct Hire With Meador Staffing

As a business owner or manager, when you think about working with a staffing agency, what first comes to mind? You’re probably thinking about how to incorporate short term temporary employees into your workforce. But did you know that staffing agencies, like Meador, have specialized teams to work with you to source and submit direct… Read More »

Better Performance Review Conversations To Have With Your Employees

It’s true; no one likes performance reviews. You don’t want to give them, and you know your employees hate them. But they are an essential part of the process for improvement and productivity. So how can you improve your performance review delivery so you can help your team learn and grow? Here are some better… Read More »

10 Great Leadership Podcasts For Managers

Podcasts are a great way to spend your commute time learning something new. In fact, they’re perfect for improving yourself as well as your team. When you invest just a few minutes in a day in your own professional development, you can turn around and present that to your employees to encourage higher levels of… Read More »

Showcase Your Employees to Build Your Culture

Workplace culture is a huge buzz in the industry today. Everyone wants to make sure that their company stands out and they do that by improving their environment, updating their goals and mission, and providing great benefits. But what piece is often missing from the culture conversation? Your employees are the most important aspect of… Read More »