Employee Time Theft: The Problem and How to Solve It

We all know that employee theft is wrong, but what about employee time theft? This means you have an employee who may be reporting time and getting paid for hours they didn’t work. What happens when you catch an employee in the act? Here are some tips to help you solve this significant problem and… Read More »

How to Deal With No Call/No Show on The Job: Part 2

We began this month talking about No Call/No Show employees. Now that you know what you need to do in terms of a policy, it can also be helpful to understand how to handle it on a personal level. When you have an employee who doesn’t call and doesn’t show up to work, what do… Read More »

How to Deal With a No Call/No Show on The Job

Is this your situation? You have an employee, or a few employees, who tend to disappear. They don’t call; they don’t come into work. And they show up again at their next shift like nothing ever happened. In some cases, this is a repeat offender. Their behavior doesn’t just affect their job; it can negatively… Read More »

Vacation Request Policies: What to Do When Everyone Wants the Same Time Off

Vacation time is essential to your staff and the productivity of your team. If you don’t have a PTO policy in place, establishing one will help avoid several problems. What happens when employees want the same time off? How do you decide who can take those days and who needs to work? By choosing arbitrarily,… Read More »

5 More Exit Interview Questions to Ask Employees Who Leave

In February, we offered up five exit interview questions to help you get to the bottom of some of your employee turnover. This month, we want to share some additional questions that you can use in an exit interview to understand better why a person may leave your organization and make changes to prevent employee… Read More »

Conflict Management: Resolving Grudges Between Employees

Not everyone who works together will like each other. But grudges between employees on your production line or the warehouse floor can really impact and diminish productivity. It can also be toxic to the rest of the team and increase turnover. Here are a few tactics you can use to resolve grudges between employees and… Read More »

Fun and Competitive Ways to Engage Your Manufacturing Employees on The Job

Are you familiar with gamification? This is the idea that you can make day-to-day tasks more fun by providing a reward system for motivation. You may have seen it used in apps on your phone to help you have more fun while doing regular daily activities. Not all gamification needs to be done in conjunction… Read More »

More COVID-Friendly Team-Building Activities

In November, we shared some great ideas for COVID-friendly team-building activities. As employee safety is still a top priority, you may be looking for additional ideas to get your team working together and building camaraderie in your office. Whether you’re celebrating achievements or encouraging collaboration in virtual environments, Meador looks at a few more activities… Read More »

Should You Offer an Interview if They Lack Experience?

It’s no secret that recruiting today is a challenge. A lot of it is about timing and finding the right, qualified people at the right time. But are you passing up good candidates because they lack experience? You could be making a big mistake. They might lack the exact experience, but they may have other… Read More »

Beyond the Resume: Choosing the Right Candidate for Your General Labor Jobs

General labor roles are often the most essential roles in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. General labor encompasses a lot of possible positions, and you already know which skills you’re looking for in a new industrial employee. But what other traits will be important for their success? If you look beyond the resume, there are… Read More »