Direct Hire With Meador Staffing

As a business owner or manager, when you think about working with a staffing agency, what first comes to mind? You’re probably thinking about how to incorporate short term temporary employees into your workforce. But did you know that staffing agencies, like Meador, have specialized teams to work with you to source and submit direct… Read More »

Better Performance Review Conversations To Have With Your Employees

It’s true; no one likes performance reviews. You don’t want to give them, and you know your employees hate them. But they are an essential part of the process for improvement and productivity. So how can you improve your performance review delivery so you can help your team learn and grow? Here are some better… Read More »

10 Great Leadership Podcasts For Managers

Podcasts are a great way to spend your commute time learning something new. In fact, they’re perfect for improving yourself as well as your team. When you invest just a few minutes in a day in your own professional development, you can turn around and present that to your employees to encourage higher levels of… Read More »

Showcase Your Employees to Build Your Culture

Workplace culture is a huge buzz in the industry today. Everyone wants to make sure that their company stands out and they do that by improving their environment, updating their goals and mission, and providing great benefits. But what piece is often missing from the culture conversation? Your employees are the most important aspect of… Read More »

Transformational Leadership – Free Lunch-N-Learn Series

Research tells us that leaders spend about 80% of their workday in one to one communication. If this is true what are the chances, we will experience a failure in communication? In this Lunch-N-Learn we will address the reasons communication is so difficult and introduce practical strategies to become effective communicators.   This event will… Read More »

#MeToo and the New Realities of Workplace Conduct – Client Seminar

Join Foley Gardere employment law attorneys Cristina Portela Solomon and Michael Ryan, for an interactive and engaging discussion on what’s new on #MeToo era, as well as other increased workplace challenges that employers and Boards and shareholders are facing. The topics and questions of discussion will include: The Magnitude of #MeToo. With the abundance of… Read More »

Workplace Wellness – Easy Ways to Incorporate into Your Business

It’s not surprising that wellness is becoming a very hot topic in the workplace. We have realized over the years that stress and other factors do influence our health, both positively and negatively. And the only way to take steps to improve our personal experience is to begin systemically. Can your company offer wellness into… Read More »

5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees

Employee retention is always a top concern for management teams. You want to keep your top performers happy and engaged. And to do that, appreciation and gratitude go hand in hand. How do you show appreciation to your employees? While simply saying “thank you” is a good start, there are a few things you can… Read More »

Diverse Team? Here’s How to Be the Best Manager You Can Be

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a goal for many employers. But when you’re the manager, how can you be sure that you’re representing everyone who works with you to the best of your ability. There are some ways you can improve your management skills and supervise several people all with different backgrounds, skills,… Read More »