The Meador Service Process

Since 1968, we’ve had many opportunities to refine and perfect our service process – ensuring that you receive top-notch service, and most importantly, results.

We place a great deal of emphasis on our reputation. We’ve worked hard to maintain great relationships with our clients, and we are determined to meet and exceed your expectations through personalized service.

Meador will perform a customer analysis to understand your organization and how we can be your true staffing partner.

Even with the best selection and retention programs, errors can occur. If you are not completely satisfied during the employee’s assignment, notify us immediately, and we will replace the employee at no charge within the first 8 hours.

Meador is locally owned and operated, providing us with the flexibility necessary to tailor a specific solution to your staffing challenge.

Meador serves as the legal employer and is responsible for hourly wages, payroll taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation, insurance benefits and filing of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). Additionally, we can provide pre-placement screenings for applicants, including drug screens and background checks.